What To Do When You’re Sad

Reminding myself to “choose joy instead of chasing happiness” has really impacted my daily attitude. It helps me remember that although I may not be in the best mood at the time, that shouldn’t define my entire day. Bad mornings do not need to mean bad days. But sometimes, those days do come around when you are feeling a bit under the weather and things just aren’t going your way. When your joy is clouded by worldly sadness, here are some ways to cheer yourself up!

What to do when you’re sad

  1. Read your Bible. Open to a random page or find an online daily devotional to do. The people in that book have been through it all, so you’re bound to be able to find encouragement on your current situation. Or, distract yourself with on of the crazy adventures they went through. David and Goliath is always a classic.
  2. Pamper yourself with an at home spa day. Soak all the sadness out of your body in a bubble bath, read a book, and paint your nails. Treat yourself special for an afternoon.
  3. Drown your sorrows in music. Turn your favorite playlist up really loud. Lay down and listen to the lyrics, or get up and dance around until you aren’t so sad anymore. Just because your a bad dancer (like me) doesn’t mean it can’t make you happy.
    happy jar
  4. Make a happy jar. My dear friend Mackenzie made this one for me and I love it! Fill it with candy, little bubble blowers, encouraging notes, and things to do when you’re feeling blue. Every time you’re feeling sad open it up and treat yourself to something from the jar to cheer yourself up!
  5. Go outside. Breathe in some fresh air. Weather it’s going on a hike on a nature trail or getting a group together to play a game of soccer, take some time to enjoy nature. Sometimes, just going outside and reading a book cheers me up.
  6. Have a movie night. Pop yourself some popcorn, put on some comfy clothes, and watch as many movies as possible. Some personal favorites include Crazy Stupid Love, The Amazing Spiderman, and Wild Child.
  7. Do a random act of kindness. Honestly, nothing makes me feel happier than knowing I made someone else’s day. Cheer yourself up by complimenting a stranger or paying for someone else’s coffee for no reason. Knowing that you made their day a little better will improve yours as well.

Those are just a few ideas for improving a not-so-joyful day. Let me know what you do to cheer yourself up or if you have tried any of these!


4 thoughts on “What To Do When You’re Sad

  1. amforte66 says:

    These are great ideas! I especially like going outside and doing random acts of kindness. Another one I enjoy is looking at a photo and writing down the memory that goes with it. 🙂

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