18 Going on 8

It’s grad party season, which means my weekends are soon to be filled with pool parties and crawfish boils to celebrate all of my friends that are beginning their future. But yesterday, I got to go to a party that really made me look back.

pump it up

My friend Kyle threw his graduation party at Pump It Up, a place filled with giant inflatable slides and bouncy houses. Yes I know what you’re thinking: Is he graduating elementary school? No, this was his high school grad party, and it was a blast.  We lived every 8 year old’s dream as we raced each other through obstacle courses and broke every rule known to man on the giant slides. He even topped it off with pizza, cake, ice cream and party favors. I hadn’t been on a bounce house in years, yet it was one of the most fun experiences of my life. It really brought me back to my childhood. I can remember spending endless birthdays in little party rooms at different entertainment facilities around town.

It made me realize that as I grow up, although so many things change, some things will always stay the same. I’ll never stop being a kid at heart. I’ll always love Mac & Cheese, coloring books will never fail to entertain me, and I will never be able to spell (spellcheck is a lifesaver). Fruit snacks are still my snack of choice and I could spend all day outside drawing with sidewalk chalk. Most of all, nothing is more fun that jumping around on inflatable bounce houses with your best friends, no matter how old you are.

What were some of your favorite things when you were a kid?


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