I use Pinterest all the time. I check it 24/7. One of my favorite boards is my “Be Inspirational” board, where I pin quotes and other encouragement (you can follow it here). I decided to start a series called Pincouragement, where I choose a quote from my Pinterest board and write about it. So here we go!



In today’s society, it is so easy to feel alone. Even when we are surrounded by people, sometimes we may feel isolated, as if no one is truly there. Thankfully, that is never the case. No matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, God is always right there by your side. To me, this is so comforting. Even when the rest of the world turns their backs on you, you can always depend on God to be right there by your side, getting you through the toughest of times. It can be hard to remember, and I have even found myself doubting it some times, but God has promised us this. It is as if he is the ultimate best friend. He will always be there for us, and we will never be alone.

So be joyful knowing that no matter what God will be there to get you through it. Thick and thin, forever and always.


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