What to Watch on YouTube

Alright guys, I have a confession. My guilty pleasure is (mostly British) YouTube. No, I’m not talking about occasionally watching a few videos, I mean emotionally investing in these people and watching every video they have ever made. My taste ranges from sit-down chatty videos, to challenge collabs, to beauty gurus. Here are a few of my favorite YouTubers I watch!

Zoe Sugg: zoella230890
Zoe is by far my all time favorite YouTuber. You may think of her as a beauty guru, but she does it all! She makes hilarious collabs with her brother Joe and boyfriend Alfie, makes cute DIY videos, and chatty vlogs. She is obviously gorgeous, but just by watching her videos you can tell she’s super sweet, genuine, and a ton of fun! Plus, she has an amazing blog that encouraged me to start this blog!

Troye Sivan: TroyeSivan18
This guy never fails to make me laugh. His videos are quality, but his personality is what truly makes them amazing. He is also an extremely talented singer, so I always look forward to those videos as well. Not to mention he is South African (but lives in Australia) so he has an awesome accent!

Bethany Mota: Macbarbie07
Beth is the queen of DIY. She posts amazing and creative how-to vids, as well as clothing hauls and makeup videos! She always has great content and the best ideas and outfits. I wish I had her closet!

Kate: katexone
So all my other favorites have been big YouTubers, but this last one is a hidden gem. Kate makes vlogs where she talks to the camera every week. She is funny and super nice, and I love every video she makes! She is super relatable (we are extremely similar) and I would definitely suggest going and checking her out because her videos are great!

Who are your favorite people to watch on YouTube? Let me know in the comments so I can go check them out!


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