How to Have a Perfect Prom

Prom is notorious for being extremely lame at our school. Usually no one dances or has any fun. But on Saturday, I went and my friends and I had a great time! I realized that if you go into it thinking it is going to be lame, you’re not going to have fun. So I decided to put together a guide on how to have the best prom ever!

7 Tips for a Perfect Prom

  1. Start planning early: Planning is the most stressful part. Make any reservations you need (limo, party bus, dinner, hair and makeup) as early as possible so you aren’t scrambling to find a place to go last minute. Buy your dress as soon as you can so you have plenty of time to get it altered if necessary. This way  you don;t have to worry about any of it closer to the big night!
  2. Get a group together: Things are always more fun with friends, so get a big group and go together! Take pictures, eat dinner, and even rent a fun party bus to drive you around. Going with fun people guarantees that y’all will have a great night. Plus, if you can’t find a date going with friends is the perfect thing to do.
  3. Put together an emergency kit: Accidents happen, so make sure you come prepared. Bring a small clutch filled with lipstick, breath mints, bobby pins, safety pins, and tide to-go so that you are ready for any sticky situation you might run into.
  4. Dance the night away: Once you get to prom, make the most of it! Get all your friends together and show off your craziest dance moves. Make a dance circle and have people go in the middle to dance for the group. Even if no one else is on the dance floor, this will encourage them to join! Prom is only as fun as you make it, so dance like no one is watching and have the time of your life.
  5. Bring flats: With all that dancing, your feet are going to get sore. So bring in a pair of small flat shoes to put on when your feet start to hurt. No one will notice, and this way the bottom of your feet won’t be pitch black like mine were from dancing barefoot all night.
  6. Plan an awesome after party: Even if the actual dance isn’t the best, having a great after party can save the night. Go to someone’s lake house or ranch with all your friends. Rent a bouncy house, set up a photo booth, and stalk the place with great snacks to ensure a fun night from start to finish.
  7. Don’t stress: This is the most important of all. Things may not go as planned, but that’s okay! Go with the flow and make the best of every situation. This night is supposed to be great, so just go and have fun!

Your prom may not be like the movies, but it may be even better! As I was leaving on Saturday, my friend from Scotland remarked “Well that was nothing like the American movies make it out to be, but I loved every minute of it!” So go have the time of your lives at prom with all your best friends, and make memories to last a lifetime. Here are a few pictures from mine (I’m in light blue)!

prom njh_6754 prom njh_6842 prom njh_6870 DSC_0355

© Norma Harais photography


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