On My Radar // Bad Suns


New music is popping up so fast it is impossible to keep up. I’m really bad at discovering new music, but I have a friend who is king of finding small bands before they hit the big time. A few months ago, said friend told me to listen to Bad Suns, and I fell in love. I didn’t know anything about the band, but I listened to the 4 songs they have on Spotify on repeat.

Well, last night I went to The 1975 concert (life changing) and Bad Suns was opening for them! I was one of the only people who had heard of them before, let alone knew all the words to their songs. But the crowd loved them. They were fantastic, full of life (the lead singer would jump around and dance like nobody was watching on stage, it was so cute) and their songs are amazing. I even put one on my summer playlist. Not to mention, the lead singer, Christo Bowman, is smoking hot (and looks a little like Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire).

The 4 person band is from LA and only just started making music. They dropped their first EP Transpose earlier this year, and release their first album Language & Perspective on June 24!

With only 7000 followers on instagram, this band is definitely still a small one, but I can tell they could totally make it big. Keep them on your radar and listen to the songs they do have out right now (3 available on iTunes, 4 on Spotify). Don’t forget to pick up their new album when it comes out, or preorder it right now! That way, whenever they do make it big, you will be able to say “I have loved them from the start, before any of y’all did”.

Here are a few pictures from The 1975 // Bad Suns concert last night AKA best night of my life.



abby and alyinaMe, my friend Alyina, and my stinking cute dog before the concert.

bad suns concertBad Suns

the 1975The 1975. It is pretty much required to make all of your pictures of them black and white.

the 1975Matty Healy of The 1975. He started drinking straight out of a wine bottle on stage and I almost died then and there. Perfection.

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P.S. My ears are still ringing from the concert.




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