101 in 1001

101 things in 1001 days

When I first saw 101 in 1001 on Design Darling, I knew I had to do it as well. The idea of writing a list of things you want to accomplish with a set amount of time (instead of a bucket list of things to do before you die) appealed to me because I knew this time limit would encourage me to actually get the things done. 1001 days (about 2.75 years) is the perfect amount of time! I cannot wait to do each of these things and share my adventure with y’all!

Some of my goals are big (like traveling to a new continent!) while others are small things I just want to get done (get contacts, ugh). Hopefully I will be writing a blog post about most of my things when I accomplish them! I also have a page called 101 in 1001 that I will keep updated so you can check on my progress at any time.

If I inspire any of y’all to create your own list, let me know so I can check yours out!

Start date: June 11, 2014

End Date: March 8, 2017

1 completed, 100 to go!

  1. Make a list of 101 things (June 2014)
  2. Inspire someone else to make a list
  3. Eat healthy for a month
  4. Work out atleast 3 times a week for a month
  5. Try hot yoga
  6. Read 35 books
  7. Finish watching every episode of Friends
  8. Go to a festival
  9. See 5 concerts
  10. Travel to another continent
  11. Run a 5k
  12. Buy cacti and succulents for my room
  13. Learn calligraphy
  14. Roadtrip with friends
  15. Go camping
  16. Have an Eno party
  17. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  18. Get photoshop
  19. Go mudding
  20. Drop down 1 pant size from my current
  21. Paint/make something for my future dorm
  22. Float the river
  23. Spend a day downtown
  24. Go to brunch
  25. Visit 5 new cities
  26. Don’t eat bread for a week
  27. Visit a national monument
  28. Carve a pumpkin for halloween
  29. Ride a horse
  30. Watch a sunrise/sunset
  31. See another musical
  32. Buy an external disk drive
  33. Stop drinking soda for a month
  34. Dance in the rain
  35. Go thrifting
  36. Try 10 new restaurants
  37. Get 100 followers on my blog (or 100 visitors in 1 day!)
  38. Make CD mix for me & a friend
  39. Go to a college party
  40. Memorize the books of the Bible in order
  41. Go on another mission trip
  42. Go paddle boarding
  43. Go kayaking
  44. Redesign my blog
  45. Take pictures in a photo booth
  46. Apply to college
  47. Pull an all nighter
  48. Drive without a destination
  49. Play lazer tag
  50. Don’t hit the snooze button for 2 weeks
  51. Clean out my phone (apps, contacts, pictures ect) twice a year
  52. Create 10 things off of Pinterest
  53. Make a homemade gift for my mom
  54. Go zip lining
  55. Find out my blood type
  56. Renew my passport
  57. Go 2 weeks without eating out
  58. Go to an amusement park
  59. Vote in an election
  60. Reach 150 blog posts
  61. Find 10 favorite meals to learn to cook
  62. Try Zumba
  63. Go fishing
  64. Go a month without fast food
  65. Write in my little blue book every day for 2 months
  66. Wear my retainer every night for a month (and keep the habit)
  67. Make my resume
  68. Go to Blues on the Green
  69. Go to the beach
  70. Buy a Polaroid camera
  71. Say “yes” to something I normally wouldn’t
  72. Go country dancing again
  73. Buy a new comforter for my bed
  74. Make a blog friend
  75. Go to an independent coffee shop
  76. Visit an independent book store
  77. Go to a bonfire
  78. Graduate high school
  79. Get accepted to college
  80. Film and edit a video for fun
  81. Take a kickboxing class
  82. Get contacts
  83. Go cliff jumping
  84. Spend a day on my dock
  85. Go to a ranch
  86. Get over my fear of banks (don’t ask)
  87. Play an intramural sport
  88. Join a club in college
  89. Donate clothes I don’t wear anymore
  90. Throw a pool party
  91. Make a camera bag
  92. Make macarons
  93. Buy nice sunglasses
  94. Have a movie marathon
  95. Swim somewhere new
  96. Visit bull creek
  97. Go on a nature trail hike
  98. Hike Enchanted Rock
  99. Visit friends in college
  100. Have a water balloon/water gun fight
  101. Learn to tie a tie & bowtie

{picture from Design Darling}


Watch Out for Kate Spade

A watch is the perfect accessory for almost any outfit. They go with anything and can really tie an outfit together. I was helping my friend shop for a good watch as a graduation gift, and automatically I went to the Kate Spade website. I know, most people think of Michael Kors when they hear watches, but I got a Kate Spade from Christmas last year and fell in love.

Kate Spade Watches1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I love each of these watches because they all have something special that makes them unique. The Grand Multifunction Large Reversible Metro has a fun orange side when you want your watch to pop, but is reversible and has a tan side when you need to tone it down. I own the Gramercy Grand, a simple yet elegant gold watch with a tiny touch of pink on the face. I love it because it goes with any outfit. If you want a little bit of bling, the Seaport Grand has a subtle yet glamorous ring of crystals around the face to add the perfect touch of flash. The tortoise Gramercy is one of my favorites, perfectly combining this adorable trend with a timeless watch (no pun intended). The Gold Bracelet Gramercy with Bud Green Enamel Cutout adds the perfect pop of color to a great watch. And finally, you can never go wrong with scallops and the Rose Gold Scallop Metro is a perfect example of just that. So, which watch is your favorite?


Summer Activities in Austin

austin-skyline_500 Living is Austin, Texas is a blessing. If you ever come and visit, I guarantee you’ll fall in love. It ranges from the hustle and bustle of the city to the famous Texas countryside all in one city. With rolling hills and trees everywhere, the scenery is beautiful. Downtown, the odd shops and even odder people live up to our catchphrase “Keep Austin Weird”. There is always something to do here, especially in the summer. If you live nearby or find yourself in this great city in the next few months, here are a few things you HAVE to do!

  1. Blues on the Green: Known as the “live music capitol of the world”, Austin has great concerts all over town every night. From small band at local bars to international stars on a world tour, artists almost always make it a point to stop in Austin. But, if concerts aren’t in your budget, make sure to make your way to Zilker Park downtown for Blues on the Green. This free concert series is held every other Wednesday night a 8 for anyone who wants to come. Bring a blanket to sit on and some drinks to sip as you listen to great live bands perform with all your friends.
  2. Lady Bird Lake: On days when the Texas heat is beating down on you (aka every day), taking a kayak or stand up paddle board out on Lady Bird Lake is the perfect way to cool down. Rent your boat by the hour and spend some time exploring the lake with your friends. I always make sure to jump in when it gets too hot, and sometimes even tip over my friends boats!
  3. Barton Springs: If boating isn’t your thing, another great way to cool down is swimming at Barton Springs. This natural pool is freezing cold, so it takes some guts to jump in, but after you get used to it you’ll have a blast! It’s giant and has a huge diving board so you can show off your tricks to everyone there.
  4. Zilker Park: Pack a picnic and bring a football and head over to Zilker park! This is a great place to spend a day with friends. Get a group together for a game of pickup soccer, or bring a volleyball and use one of their sand volleyball courts for a tournament. But make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen, it gets hot!
  5. Food Trailers: Austin is famous for their food trailers. Serving out of converted campers and even school busses, these chefs know what they’re doing. From donuts to burgers to sandwiches and cheesecake, you can find anything you want to eat. My personal favorites include Gourdoughs (donuts), Short Bus (sandwiches), and Sno Beach (snow cones).
  6. South Congress: If you are looking for shopping and good food, South Congress is the place for you. With quirky shops, boutiques, and a thrift store, there is all types of shopping. SoCo is even home to the original Kendra Scott store (swoon). The restaurants are amazing as well. Stop by Hopdoddy for the best burger in town, or Homeslice for pizza that will make your mouth water.
  7. Segway Tours: Rent a segway and ride downtown in style! A tour guide will take you all over town showing you historical landmarks and telling you interesting stories about all kinds of things. And yes, you’ll get to segway up to the capitol building and take some pretty sweet pictures.

Have you ever visited Austin? Right now we are hosting the X Games, are any of y’all in town for that? Let me know what you did!

Pincouragement No. 2

pinPicture: itsalovelylife

So it may not be the cutest picture, but when I found this on Pinterest I instantly fell in love with it and it really got me thinking. It is 100% true, and I am guilty for this same thing! We waste perfectly good days looking forward to future events, instead of cherishing the present. Wednesdays can be awesome with the right attitude and the awareness to make them great. When you take notice of the little things in life, every day is special. Watching the movie About Time (great film, I would highly suggest) helped bring me to that realization and drove me to start trying to take in all the little things in my every day life. I’ve realized that life isn’t just made up of a few miraculous moments, but millions of seemingly inconsequential moments and experiences, combined together with a sprinkle of amazing things, to make a lifetime worth remembering. Stop taking now for granted and make each day worth remembering.

pincouragement no. 1 // my pinterest


Book Recs from a Book Worm

On sunny days, nothing beats laying by the pool, lemonade in hand, reading a good book. Over the summer, when I’m not drowning in school work, I fly through my reading list. My favorite thing to do at the beach is lay out in the sand reading a good novel. Due to my insane reading habits (one summer I was at the beach and I read 7 books in 7 days… Oops) I’ve read a fair share of books. From mysteries to romances, sitting in the sun and diving into a great novel. Here’s a list of my favorite books in a variety of genres! books

  1. Before I Fall // Lauren Oliver // young adult: If you’re looking for a book that will get you thinking, this is the one for you. With a creative concept, romance, and a bit of mystery, you won’t want to put this book down. It follows a girl Samantha who keeps reliving the same day over and over again, and must figure out why and how to break the cycle.
  2. Every Day // David Levithan // romance: Again, this is one of the most creative book concepts I’ve ever read. The main character wakes up every morning in a different body, and when they fall in love with someone, they must figure out what to do. The author perfectly mixes romance with intrigue in one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read.
  3. The Fault In Our Stars // John Green // young adult: If you’ve never heard of this book, you must live under a rock. John Green (my all time favorite author) somehow weaves his great sense of humor into such a serious and sad book. You will laugh out loud, and you will cry. Warning: it is about a girl with cancer, so if that hits home for you, this may not be the best book for you to read. The movie comes out June 6, so make sure to read the book before you see the movie!
  4. The Vincent Brothers // Abbi Glines // romance: If you’re looking for a quick and easy read this is a great book to pick up! It’s the typical teen-romance novel, great for a light read on the beach or on a plane to keep you entertained (I picked it up in an airport).
  5. Walking Disaster // Jamie McGuire // romance: I read this book in 48 hours, it is that addicting. A well written romance, the book follows the intense and crazy relationship of college kids Abby and Travis. This book is from Travis’s point of view, and her other book Beautiful Disaster is from Abby’s! I actually read Beautiful before Walking, but it can be read in either order.
  6. The Host // Stephanie Meyer // science fiction: I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Stephanie Meyer did write Twilight. But this book is 100 times better, and has no vampires. There are a sort of alien species, but Meyer does a great job of keeping them realistic and not distracting. This thrilling book is filled with twists and turns. The writing is great and I loved visualizing the setting and their world. And of course, a great romantic plot drives the book. PS don’t judge this book by its movie because it was terrible.
  7. What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? // The Buried Life // young adult: Do you remember that TV show on MTV called The Buried Life? No? Go watch it on Netflix right now. 4 guys travel around, crossing things off their list of thing they want to do before they die. For every thing they cross of their list, they help a stranger cross something off theirs. It’s so good and inspirational. Well, they wrote a book about it to. It talks about their journey, but most of it is thing off of people’s list. It is really cool to look at. Mine is special to me because I got the book signed. AH.
  8. Gone Girl // Gillian Flynn // thriller: This is sort of a bonus book, because I haven’t finished reading it yet. It is about a man who comes home to find out his wife is gone, and he has to find out how to get her back. It keeps me on edge, and is written really neat because one chapter is from his perspective in the present, and the next is an old diary entry of the wife telling background about their story.

Have you read any of these books? Do you have any other suggestions for me to read? Let me know!