Pincouragement No. 2

pinPicture: itsalovelylife

So it may not be the cutest picture, but when I found this on Pinterest I instantly fell in love with it and it really got me thinking. It is 100% true, and I am guilty for this same thing! We waste perfectly good days looking forward to future events, instead of cherishing the present. Wednesdays can be awesome with the right attitude and the awareness to make them great. When you take notice of the little things in life, every day is special. Watching the movie About Time (great film, I would highly suggest) helped bring me to that realization and drove me to start trying to take in all the little things in my every day life. I’ve realized that life isn’t just made up of a few miraculous moments, but millions of seemingly inconsequential moments and experiences, combined together with a sprinkle of amazing things, to make a lifetime worth remembering. Stop taking now for granted and make each day worth remembering.

pincouragement no. 1 // my pinterest



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