Weekday Getaway

Summer has officially ended, and I am just as sad as the next girl. I’ll miss sleeping in, adventuring with my friends, and the lack of homework. But as I prepared for school to start up last week, the only thing on my mind was back to school shopping. I love that school gives you an excuse to update your wardrobe and treat yourself to a little something extra.

Every year my mom and I make a little trip out of back to school shopping. While Austin does have some great places to shop, a little change is always good. We traveled to Dallas to satisfy our retail needs! So we packed a bag and went on a quick 3 day weekday getaway before school started back up.

This mother daughter trip is one of my favorite parts of summer and always gives me something to look forward to. We spoiled ourselves and stayed in one of my favorite hotels, Le Meridien. It is so cute! The hotel is black and white themed, with pink as an accent color! All the rooms are decorated so adorably, with modern furniture, cute curtains and a patterned accent wall (I wish I would have taken a picture!). But most of our time was not spent in our room, it was spent at NorthPark Mall.

Now I am not a huge fan of indoor malls (don’t ask why, I don’t really know myself) but NorthPark Mall is my mom and I’s favorite place to shop. It is gigantic and has almost every store you can imagine. From Burberry to Anthropology to classic stores such as Nordstroms, it has it all. We spent all day shopping, my feet were killing me by the end of the day! My favorite finds were from Anthro (my favorite store), Gap (such as classic) and Urban Outfitters. (Speaking of my finds, would anyone be interested in a short haul post to share what I bought? Let me know!)

This trip was such a great mini getaway. If you are ever in need of a break but short on time, I would totally suggest a quick weekend getaway to a nearby city! Rent a hotel room with some friends (or your mom) and take a quick staycation close to home! Find fun places to eat, do some shopping, and bring supplies for a personal spa day. You don’t have to travel far to really get away from it all.


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