An Austin Adventure: Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Adventure seems to be a reoccurring theme these past few weeks on the blog. From far away adventures in the mountains to quick getaways in Dallas, my summer really did have me doing amazing things in all different places. But, believe it or not, I did find time to stay home and have some local adventures in Austin this summer. At the beginning of the summer I wrote about some fun things you can do around Austin, so my friends and I spent the day downtown doing some of those things (yay, I get to cross that off my 101 in 1001 list!)… but with a twist. We made it a scavenger hunt!

My best friend Mackenzie is a saint and made the scavenger hunt list for us. Austin is a weird city, so we had some weird things. Take a selfie with a stranger, do a dance dare (Ellen anyone?), pose in front of a famous Austin mural, pole dance on a street sign… the list went on. Each picture was worth a certain amount of points. We set up an end time and chose a restaurant to meet and tally up the scores to see who won (and eat after a long day)!

So my friends and I got into teams of 5 and each had a driver. We spend the days leading up to the hunt talking trash and getting excited for the game. It was such a great (and cheap) way to have a ton of fun and do things in our city that we don’t normally do as locals. We also got some great pictures out of it to remember the fun day with. And yes, my team did win!

This is something anyone could throw together for any place! All you need is a group of friends, a camera, and a little creativity. So next time you’re sitting around the house with friends wondering what to do, or planning a birthday party, keep this in mind! And don’t let the lack of a “cool city” hold you back. For my 12th birthday my mom put together a scavenger hunt all around the local mall and we had a blast! Grab some friends and make an adventure for yourself.


Picture in front of a famous Austin mural… 10 points


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