A Healthy Start


It is time for a little update on Self-Improvement Sunday: Abby’s Fitness Adventure (I clearly still do not have a solid name for my little project). Today is the one week mark for my fitness challenge! I have been surprised in so many ways during just this one week, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

First off, it has been much easier than I expected to go without soda! I ate out 3 different times this week (reducing that number is another project for another time) and I didn’t feel the need to order a soda even once! I did almost break under the need for caffeine at my friend’s house on Tuesday, but I resisted the urge and was extremely proud of myself after the fact. Seven days strong with no soda!

Next up is my goal to not hit snooze every morning. So far so good! This week I have been forced to get up even earlier than usual due to projects and other things I need to do in the mornings before class, and I have successfully gotten out of bed every day! I seriously feel so much better when I don’t lay around in the mornings, getting straight out of bed when my alarm goes off is definitely making my mornings a little more bearable.

Finally, I have been trying to take 10,000 steps every day. This one has definitely turned out to be the most challenging, but so far every day I have hit my goal! Over the weekend it was much easier for me to take all the steps, but spending 7 hours a day in school has posed a real challenge. Three times this week I found myself at around 9,000 steps at 11:00 PM, forcing me to run laps around my house so that I can get 1,000 more before midnight. But the challenge has visibly helped me stay a little bit more active! I am taking the long way to class and walking a lot more than I ever have before. I even opted out of taking a golf cart at a golf tournament I was photographing and walked the entire course instead! That day I got to 10,000 steps with ease.

I love the habits that this challenge is forcing me to make and break. My best friend Maddie is using an Up band to track her steps with me, and it’s great having someone else there to encourage me and keep me accountable in reaching my goals!

Next week, along with an update on my current goals, I will be setting an additional 3 more to continue my journey in living a happier, healthier life. Any suggestions on what they should be?

Want to see where my journey started? Let’s travel back in time… Intro // Week 1


4 thoughts on “A Healthy Start

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Abby … I’m on a similar path, too. I’ve been working to increase my fitness level and “get lean” since September. I posted about my current progress not long ago. I have a recommendation for a new goal (when you add them): add strength training to your weekly routine. You can start with one day per week or two or three … I just know how important it is for increasing the speed to a healthier person. Best of luck! 🙂

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