Midnight Music

Usually when I go to concerts, they take lots of planning. I buy tickets months in advance and stand in line for hours waiting to get in. But on Friday night, two of my friends and I took full advantage of the wonderful city of Austin and went to a spur of the moment concert. It was fabulous!

We found out our friend Colin Leonard was the opening act for a local Austin band the Friendly Savages, so we dropped what we were doing and headed downtown! But before and good concert, you have to eat good food, so we made a quick stop at my favorite food trailer, Gourdough’s, to eat some of the world’s best donuts. I ordered a Black Out, while my friends ate Mama’s Cake and a Dirty Berry. So yummy!


The concert was at Stubbs, which is one of my favorite venues (I’ve seen The 1975 and NEEDTOBREATHE there too). The show was on the inside stage, so we thankfully didn’t have to stand in the 30 degree whether all night.

Both bands were SO GREAT! I would highly recommend both Colin and the Friendly Savages’ albums. The crowd loved the entire show, as did I. Everyone was dancing and singing along, there was such a great atmosphere. Plus, I ran into many friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. The concert ran until around 12:30, but it was such a great night!


FullSizeRhenderSorry for the low quality photos, I only had my phone with me!


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