I’m Going to College!

In less than 3 weeks I will officially be a high school graduate! Most people say that the last few weeks of high school are spent looking back and realizing how much you will actually miss this place, but that has NOT been the case with me. Am I some kind of freak?

As graduation quickly approaches, all I can think about is how excited I am for the future. In a month I’m headed to Colorado for a week spent in the mountains and in July I’m packing my bags working at a summer camp for 5 weeks (more info on that to come). But most importantly, in three months I am leaving Austin, Texas (where I have lived my entire life) and moving to South Carolina to attend Clemson University!


I seriously could not be more excited about the next four years of my life and where I have decided to spend them. If you would have asked me what college I thought I would be attending this time last year, Clemson would not have even been on my radar. But by the grace of God I found my future home and fell in love instantly. I visited the school and I could just tell it was the perfect place for me. Every single person I met was so nice, the traditions were super fun, and I’m a sucker for some great college football.

I am so excited to start my college experience, but my excitement comes with some major nerves. Unlike all of my friends, I am moving out of state. I will be a good 16 hour drive away from all of my friends and family. That means no weekend trips back to see my parents. And while I am beyond excited to get out of my preppy high school’s bubble and to meet new people, I don’t know a single person at Clemson.

So, with that, if any of you lovely internet people go to Clemson, know someone at Clemson, or are going to be a freshman there next year like me, please please please let me know! I would love to talk to any of you about it (trust me, I could talk about it for hours)! Feel free to shoot me a comment or email at abbyb4@gmail.com. I am so excited about this next chapter in my life and can’t wait to start making new friends!


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