Camp Diaries No. 1


Today, I write to you from camp. I have been working at Laity Lodge Youth Camp for two and a half weeks as a videographer. Yes, somehow, my dreams have become a reality & I actually get paid to film and create videos in the most gorgeous & love-filled place in the entire world (please refer to above picture). Glory to God.

Living at a summer camp is like nothing else in the world. I feel like I am learning something new here every day, and it seems almost selfish for me not to share these revelations with others. So, as people pass on their wisdom to me, I will (try) and pass it to all of you, with the occasional addition of a ridiculous camp story that could only happen at LLYC.

Today, I got a letter in the mail from a friend (note: handwritten letters mean the world to me. Take some time to actually write out a letter and mail to to someone. It really shows you care). She is young, but years wiser than I am. She wrote:

While in Guatemala, God showed me the beauty of being a kid. When your time at Laity Lodge fells more like work than play, find ways to be a child. I’ve always struggled by pairing “child” with “immature”, but that’s not what God says.

These words spoke so true to me, and I think they can be applicable in so many situations. Sometimes, children can be the best examples of living a joyous life. When work or school overwhelms you, take some time to be a kid again. Observe the world you are in. Scream with laughter. Let God fill you with a joy that can only come from Him.

Today, I am thankful for intentional friends like Alayna, and for the beauty of snail mail.