Football & The Big Picture

As many of you may know, I pretty much live and breathe football. Growing up in Texas, high school football was a big deal. I started going to varsity games when I was in middle school. My senior year, I went to every game (home and away) and cheered my heart out in the student section, leading me to be named “Most Spirited” of my senior class. I was so sad to leave my high school football powerhouse. Then I experienced college football.

When I was looking at colleges, football wasn’t a prerequisite, but more of icing on the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I knew the record of every school’s team that I was applying to, but that was never my deciding factor. But, by the grace of the Football Gods, I ended up at Clemson University (for many reasons beside their football team). And let me tell you, Clemson football is the most exciting thing I have ever experienced. Quick note: this isn’t going to be a purely football post, just hold on a little longer.


As (hopefully) all of you know, our fighting tiger football team went 14-1 this season, with our only loss being Monday night in the National Championship game against ~cringe~ Alabama. The game was a close one and I was pretty much bouncing off the walls the entire time. I (as well as hundreds of thousands of other people) was devastated when we lost. It was my first time experiencing a Clemson loss!

As I sat there in shock and heard people literally screaming at the top of their lungs in anger at Bama, I realized how easy it is to focus on one specific moment and lose sight of the big picture. Yes, unfortunately, we lost the National Championship (to a great team I might add) but we won 14 other games! Overall, the season was a sensational one with so many records broken. It is so easy to let one bad aspect overshadow all of the great, amazing memories that occurred before.

Don’t let one bad test or class ruin a successful semester. Don’t let one fight get in the way of a life-long friendship. Don’t let one loss overshadow an amazing season. Never lose sight of the big picture. Your life is so much bigger than just right now!

So congrats Alabama on a great game and a great win. I won’t forget the 14 other kick ass wins. Watch out Tampa, we are coming for you!


How I Got A 4.0 My 1st Semester of College

Second semester is right around the corner, and that means more late nights with friends, more dining hall dates, and more… classes. Although they are the worst part of college, classes are also the most important (my mother would be so proud to hear me say that). So here are a few things I did last semester  that got me that coveted 4.0! Note: everyone studies and learns differently, these are just a few of the things that worked for me!


Make a friend in every class. Whether this means coordinating with your BFF to take a class together or talking with the new girl sitting next to you, it is really helpful to know someone in all your classes! Make sure to get a few people’s phone numbers and emails. This gives you someone to study with, ask questions, or get the lecture notes from if you ever miss class. Plus class is just a little more enjoyable if you have someone to laugh at the teacher with.

Clear your schedule the day before a test. I know you think you won’t procrastinate & you will be studying weeks before a big exam… but let’s not kid ourselves. College is crazy busy and even if you do prepare ahead of time, most of your studying and reviewing will be done the night before. Make sure not to plan any big events the night before, no matter how “prepared” you feel.

Stay organized.  Write down all of your homework, due dates, and exams in your planner and commit to keeping it updated all semester. Sit down and write down all the major dates the day you get your syllabus. Also add in any sports events, sorority functions, or club meetings so you can see which days are busy and when you will have the most time to study. That way nothing sneaks up on you and you can plan your busy weeks. Here are a few more planner organization tips!

Study with a friend. Memorizing facts and equations is one thing, but actually applying them is another. After you have studied for a while, find a friend in your class and take turns quizzing each other, asking questions, and explaining concepts. Even when you aren’t the one being tested, you’ll learn as you help your friend!

Go to class AND pay attention. Going to class is only half the battle. Once you are there, put your phone away, close any distracting sites down on your computer, and actually pay attention! It’s pointless to show up if you’re only going to watch BuzzFeed videos all class. Here are some tips I found on how to get the most out of a lecture.

Use your resources. Take advantage of any free tutoring, workshops, practice tests, and professor office hours. In high school, I always thought I was “too good” for tutoring, but I have come to realize that is NOT true. Whether you have one specific question or don’t understand an entire concept, don’t be afraid to ask questions and use any tools your school provides.

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What is your best studying advice? Good luck this semester- make it the best one yet!